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A Short Review on Applications of Nanomaterials in Biotechnology and Pharmacology

[ Vol. 2 , Issue. 2 ]


Munusamy Thirumavalavan, Kalpana Settu and Jiunn-Fwu Lee   Pages 116 - 121 ( 6 )


Background: As a breakthrough, the rapid development field of the leading cutting edge of nanotechnology is nanomaterials.

Methods: The unique tunable size-dependent properties make these materials significant for many areas.

Results: Mostly nanomaterials are used as nanobiocatalysts (NBCs) in the field of nanobiotechnology and as drug carriers in the pharmacology which simultaneously bridges advanced nanotechnology and biotechnology fields together. Hence, it is noteworthy to review recent progresses in the development of surface and size tuning nanomaterials for enlightening activity, stability, capability and engineering performances in various applications.

Conclusion: Thus, this short review summarizes the most recent developments in the field of applied nanomaterials, in particular their application in biotechnology and pharmacology.


Nanomaterials, nanobiocatalysts, applications, pharmacology, biotechnology, nanotechnology.


Graduate Institute of Environmental Engineering, National Central University, Chung-Li, 32001

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